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The police of Ferguson, MO appear to have simply declared a state of martial law in response to this week's protest over the police shooting of 18 year old Michael Brown, resulting in his death.

Stories from the internet tell of protestors intimidated by snipers, reporters teargassed and arrested, the police removing identification, presumably in order to cloak themselves in anonymity for whatever comes next.……

You see pictures of the cops and without context would assume they're patrolling the goddamn Gaza Strip, armed to the nines and decked out in body armor.

How does this inform your understanding of interracial politics and policing?

Does anybody think this level of police response is justified?

How does this track with last weeks' trending theory, that the natural response to armed civilians by unarmed ones should be the immediate and unceremonious retreat?
Google found child pornography in a man's e-mails to a friend and alerted the police. Based on their tip, the police were able to get a warrant to check his electronic devices, and found images of children.…

Wow! That is pretty cool. AND! And, kind of scary. See, my takeaway from this is that Google is reading his shit. And your shit! Everybody's shit.  And I know what you're thinking: "only criminals have anything to fear, like this gross monster that hunts children!" and "if he didn't want to be arrested, he should have read his EULA more closely!"

Both of those are valid points. Of course, e-mail is a necessity in this modern world, so my ability to cope without agreeing to SOME degree of surveillance is slim. How do you guys feel? How do you travel that knife edge between accepting constant surveillance and participating in internet culture?


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